According to common metaphor, towns and cities are comparable to living organisms that are constantly breathing and evolving. However, maintaining this vitality requires a solid foundation and a strong backbone.

AGORA teams up with partners to develop clever infrastructure concepts that provide urban quarters with a solid framework to flourish. This could include anything – main roads, streets, pavements, bridges, tunnels, cycle paths, street lighting, railways, tramways, electric charging points, waste management facilities, urban parks and town squares.

This urban infrastructure not only provides the initial backbone of a neighbourhood, but also influences the rhythm and beat of daily life and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

At AGORA, we are passionate about the advance of smart infrastructures and use IT and communication technologies to further enhance the efficiency that these infrastructures bring.

We take a structured approach to development and exploit cutting-edge technologies to maximise the efficiency of infrastructures while minimising environmental impact.

Illustration Infrastructures AGORA Belval Metzeschmelz