At AGORA, we draw on our extensive expertise to create ecologically responsible urban neighbourhoods. Very few development companies have as wide a range of competencies as AGORA, which brings civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, environmental sciences and property development expertise under one roof.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction of urban quarters, AGORA has established a strong reputation in the fields of urban planning, infrastructure, energy, brownfield redevelopment, servicing, marketing urban spaces and housing construction.

The AGORA team is a one-stop shop of creative planners who are capable of planning every single aspect of an urban neighbourhood.  AGORA oversees the entire planning and development chain – from cleaning up the brownfield site to managing the projects on behalf of every investor.

We rely on our business strategy skills and creativity to ensure that technology and nature coexist harmoniously in our urban neighbourhoods, which are designed to be at one with the rich heritage of southern Luxembourg