illustration commercialisation d'espaces urbains entreprise agora luxembourg

Selling urban spaces involves a lot more than discussing the number of square metres and signing a major deal. AGORA considers the sale of commercial land to fall within the realms of urban planning, which is a natural means of guaranteeing the attractiveness of the development.

Our aim is to involve real estate developers in the design of our quarters with the goal of ensuring sustainable urban planning.

Real estate developers play a central role in establishing the social links within a neighbourhood as well as the neighbourhood’s identity. It is now more important than ever to develop urban quarters that correspond to both the needs of local authorities and the expectations of residents. We are are well-positioned to support their integration into the urban fabric.

At AGORA, we have a profound understanding of the various stakeholders’ needs and expectations. We also work closely with local decision-makers so that we consider the specific characteristics of the area and develop our projects accordingly.

Adding value to urban spaces is one of our specialist areas, underpinned by our expertise in the field of marketing.