Housing forms the vibrant core of urban neighbourhoods designed by AGORA. We particularly promote residential projects that support new lifestyles, as well as mixed-purpose projects that encourage an enriching community spirit. With this in mind, we see the creation of affordable housing as a key area.

A number of urban quarters designed by AGORA allocate 50% of the total land to residential properties, 30% of which is reserved for affordable housing. This is a strategy we use for ensuring that neighbourhoods are dynamic, mixed, and accessible to all. AGORA also chooses the location of social housing carefully to ensure that the demographic diversity of residents is harmoniously distributed.

As an urban development company, AGORA insists on working with property developers that have a track record of building and delivering affordable, high-quality housing that complies with the highest standards of comfort and safety. We also strive to support the current ecological movement by providing homes that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

illustration agora pour logements abordables luxembourg