AGORA supports the Up Foundation’s PIPPILOTTA project: an Initiative for the future of toddlers

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Our commitment to sustainable development and the creation of eco-responsible living spaces is also reflected in our partnership with Up Foundation for the PIPPILOTTA project. This innovative project, dedicated to children aged 0 to 6, aims to raise public awareness of the importance of the first years of life and to identify priority needs for the development of children in Luxembourg.

The PIPPILOTTA project comprises two complementary components: a scientific component and a practical component. The scientific component focuses on early childhood challenges, such as educational needs and psychological development. Conferences, debate evenings and interviews with experts are organised to share best practice and innovation in the field of early childhood.

The practical component, for its part, implements creative, participatory workshops where children of different ages contribute to the creation of the Kids’Village (KiVi) and the mascot PippiLotta. These activities promote children’s creativity, cooperation and motor skills, while providing them with a fun and educational space.

We are particularly proud to provide premises on the Metzeschmelz site for this project. This support demonstrates our commitment to actively contributing to local life and promoting sustainable and socially equitable living environments.

The Kids’Village, inaugurated in June 2024, offers children a space where they can explore, play and learn interactively. In 2025 and 2026, this itinerant village will travel across Luxembourg, enriched with new thematic modules at each stage.

AGORA is honored to be part of this adventure which combines innovation, education and sustainable development. We thank everyone involved and look forward to continuing to work together for a better future for our children.

For more information on the PIPPILOTTA project, visit the dedicated page on the Up Foundation website: and watch the video

With partners such as Up Foundation, FerroForum and other committed contributors, AGORA aspires to establish a framework for collaboration within citizen dialogue and the Metzeschmelz Pioneers. Together, we aim to promote our shared values, goals and projects for a sustainable and equitable future.

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