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Our task is to revitalise former industrial sites and plan, develop and successfully market lively new city quarters. In addition to developing the approximately 120 hectares of Belval, we are also currently carrying out a feasibility study for the development of the further former steel production site in Esch-Schifflange, also in southern Luxembourg.



Since the year 2000 AGORA has been developing a modern urban quarter on the former steel works site in the south of Luxembourg. Today within the boundaries of the districts of Esch-sur-Alzette and Sanem one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Europe is being built on an area of 120 hectares.

A new city quarter with a unique mix of places to work, study, research and live is being created on what was once the site of Luxembourg’s biggest ironworks with one very special feature:  parts of the former industrial site are being retained, and will be uniquely integrated in the new concept. Thus the two remaining blast furnaces not only bear witness to a long-gone era, but are also landmarks of the New Belval. Here up to 7,000 people will be able to live and up to 25,000 work, research and study. 

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On 23 October 2020, the Luxembourg State, ArcelorMittal and the municipalities of Esch-sur-Alzette and Schifflange officially decided to convert the former industrial site of Esch-Schifflange into a new urban district and to entrust this task to Agora.

Following the announcement of the definitive closure of the site in 2016, a feasibility study was commissioned from Agora for the revitalisation of the 61.16-hectare site, 91% of which is located in Escher and 9% in Schifflange.

An urban design workshop held in April 2019 (Link: with the participation of the public completed this extensive study in which more than 100 experts from different fields participated. At the end of this process, the team of Danish architects COBE with Urban Agency (DK), Urban Creators (DK) and Luxplan (LU) came up with the concept of the "Stadtfabrik".

The new district, in which up to 10,000 people will live in the future, is to be realised in stages. As in Belval, great importance will be attached to the diversity of functions. Around 50% of the area will be reserved for the residential sector, 30% of which will be devoted to affordable housing. Other allocations are also planned for tertiary activities, services and SMEs. Several public facilities such as schools and a high school are also planned.

The focus will be on the development of a low car use neighbourhood, the promotion of public transport and soft mobility. The same applies to aspects relating to the circular economy, the development principles of 'smart cities', the high quality of public space, the integration of landscapes and outstanding elements of industrial architecture.

Link to the press release of 23.10.2020