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Public Green by Agora

03.09.19 · 12:00 · Age: · 267 days
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Both in urban areas and in the heart of nature

A new space of freedom has taken shape and is being finalized in Belval thanks to Agora S.à r.l. et Cie: the Public Green.

Defined as all landscaped green spaces and/or playgrounds and equipment in the Belval-Nord district, Public Green is a private area developed by Agora and made available free of charge to the public.

Concerned about preserving a place in which fauna and flora must be protected, Agora saw this place as a space for walking, relaxation, meeting and freedom, where biodiversity will be preserved and the environment respected.

Public Green is the natural landscaped extension of Um-Belval Park towards the residential district of Belval Nord. Since this year, several playgrounds have been added to this mixed landscape, which oscillates between urban and wilderness areas and the banks of the Wassertreppe, with its fauna and flora characteristic of wetlands.

Public Green is a private space open to the public where all recreational activities are welcome as long as they are carried out without disturbing others, without compromising safety and without damaging the premises.

To take full advantage of all its possibilities, the public is invited to read the general rules of use published by Agora.