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End of the marketing of a 2nd district

24.01.19 · 09:00 · Age: · 1 year
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Last real estate project for the Terrace of the Blast Furnaces.

Agora, the Belval development company, announces the completion of the sale of the Blast Furnace Terrace with the new real estate project developed by BESIX Real Estate Development (BESIX RED). A bold architectural and conceptual challenge that will integrate the latest work trends.

With an ambitious reference project of 18,800 m² of offices - designed by the prestigious British architectural firm Foster + Partners, in collaboration with Beiler François Fritsch Architects - "BESIX RED wants to create a new living and meeting space dedicated to the latest trends in work and co-working" announces Gabriel Uzgen, CEO of the real estate development company of the BESIX group.

In terms of planning and development, "this new project is of particular importance to Belval. It marks the end of the cycle of public and private investments on the Blast Furnace Terrace. It foreshadows the upcoming development of the Square-Mile district. Finally, it confirms Belval's growing position as a major site for the development of tertiary and innovation activities in the Grand Duchy," says Vincent Delwiche, Agora's General Manager.

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