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BiCS Challenge supported by Agora

25.04.18 · 22:00 · Age: · 2 yrs
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App quiz for secondary pupils

On Saturday, 5 May, the BiCS Challenge for secondary pupils from Luxembourg and abroad will take place at the Maison du Savoir on Belval from 3pm until 5pm.

For the quiz, participants will log on to a specially developed app from their smartphones to answer questions on a wide range of topics including films, stars, sports, technology and so on, of various levels of difficulty.

There are lots of fabulous prizes to win in the challenge including an Apple iPad, an iWatch, air tickets, a games console and various shopping vouchers.

The event is being organised by the new Bachelor in Computer Science course (BiCS). It is part of a larger competition at which pupils were asked at the end of last year to create their own projects on four specific topics. The winners of this competition will also be chosen on 5 May. The BiCS Challenge is supported by a number of partners, including Agora.

Further information: www.bics.lu/quiz