AGORA – Starting signal for the Esch-Schifflange site
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Starting signal for the Esch-Schifflange site


Agora is commissioned with revitalisation

At a joint meeting on 23 October, the State of Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal and the mayors of the municipalities of Esch-sur-Alzette and Schifflange officially decided to transform the former industrial site of Esch-Schifflingen into a new district, and to entrust this task to Agora.

After the closure of the plant in 2016, the development company responsible for Belval had already been commissioned with a feasibility study for the revitalisation of the 61.16-hectare site, 91 percent of which is located on Esch territory. The extensive study, which involved more than 100 experts from different fields, was also linked to an urban design workshop, which took place in 2019 with public participation. The winners of the competition were the team of the Danish architectural company Cobe with its "City Factory" concept.

The new quarter, which will house up to 10,000 people in the future, is to be realised in stages. As in Belval, great emphasis is placed on variety of uses. Half of the site will be turned into housing, 30 percent of which will be considered affordable. There will also be spaces for offices, small businesses and shops, as well as for public institutions such as schools and a high school.

Emphasis will be placed on the development of a district with low car use and on the promotion of public transport and gentle mobility. For instance, there will be a stop for the high-speed tram and connection to the future BHNS section. Other important considerations in the development of the new district will be the principles of circular economy and SmartCity aspects, the high-quality design of public spaces, inclusion and enhancement of the existing landscape, and integration of elements of industrial architecture.

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