AGORA – Annual press conference Agora 2018/19
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Annual press conference Agora 2018/19


Record year for Belval and Esch-Schifflange on the horizon

Agora, the company responsible for the development of Belval, presented the latest facts and figures on the site's development at its annual press conference. It was also an opportunity for Agora to inform about the progress of the Esch-Schifflange site development project as part of the feasibility study entrusted to it by the State and ArcelorMittal.

Today, Belval has a mixed population of 17,000 inhabitants. 3,000 people live there, 5,700 attend the University or Lycée Bel-Val, 8,500 employees return to their workstations every day. More than 200 companies, services and businesses are registered there.

Belval now has more than 1,700 housing units, including 923 apartments and houses, a capacity of 668 student accommodation units and 120 places in residences for the elderly. On the tertiary side, with 213,000 m2 of offices delivered and during the last year no less than 43,500 m2 thus placed on the market, the former industrial territory has risen to 5th place among the country's poles of activity, the first in the periphery of the City.

Since February 2016, Agora has been working on the development project for the Esch-Schifflange site as part of the feasibility study entrusted to it by the Luxembourg State and ArcelorMittal.

After having demonstrated the technical feasibility of revitalizing the former wasteland into an urban site, Agora organized an interactive urban design workshop in early April 2019, open to the participation of the general public, with a view to developing and presenting a comprehensive urban planning guide plan for the site.

The recommendation selection committee reached a consensus on the proposal of the COBE team (Copenhagen / DK) in association with URBAN AGENCY (Copenhagen / DK), URBAN CREATORS (Copenhagen / DK) and LUXPLAN S.A. (Luxembourg / LU) which will be the subject of a detailed presentation to the public in the autumn.

Find the press release and presentation in the media section of Agora's website - HERE