AGORA – Esch-Schifflange - End of the Urban Design Workshop
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Esch-Schifflange - End of the Urban Design Workshop


Strong success of the participatory approach

After a week of intense work, the four international teams of multidisciplinary experts presented their visions and proposals for the revitalization of the former steel site.

The mission entrusted to them focused on nine specific themes, including urban innovation, quality of life, diversity, mobility, the environment and heritage.

At the end of the presentation of the projects, the members of the recommendation committee praised the high quality of the work accomplished by all the teams in such a short time and the innovative nature of each of the approaches.

They also warmly thanked the citizens who participated in large numbers (about one hundred persons) in one or more of the seven public events (forum, participatory workshop and open doors), to participate "live" in the evolution of the reflections of this urban prospective exercise.

A movement of sympathy and intelligence that the teams greatly appreciated and thus took
many of the suggestions into consideration in their own proposals.

The Recommendation Commission will now carry out its detailed analysis of the projects. It will then submit its guidelines to the Advisory Committee "Government - ArcelorMittal - Municipalities".

The choice of the selected project will be announced in April.
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