AGORA – Club Belval meeting in Massenoire
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Club Belval meeting in Massenoire


Around 50 representatives from companies, institutions, research centres and business people from Belval met at Club Belval on 18 June.

This time the event took place in the Massenoire provided by the Fonds Belval. Agora had issued the invitations to the event to give people an opportunity to find out about the latest developments at Belval, and in particular the work on the Cité des Sciences especially the upcoming arrival of the University Luxembourg. Following various multimedia presentations, a walking dinner provided an opportunity for exchanges and to maintain contacts.

Club Belval has now become something of a tradition. Once or twice a year, the decision-makers from companies and institutions get together here with business to discuss current issues.

The Club was brought to life 5 years ago by Agora. The aim was and is to provide decision-makers at Belval with regular information on the latest developments so they can pass this information on to staff or clients as multipliers. The event is also intended as an opportunity for people to make new contacts and maintain existing ones.