AGORA – “Esplanade” new quarter at Belval
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“Esplanade” new quarter at Belval


Agora develops new project with the focus on office areas for small and larger companies

The “Esplanade” project is an ensemble of a total of seven differently sized sites on a communally designed urban square. The project is located to the south of Square Mile, Belval’s business district, and thus close to the station, the southern access to Belval and Park Belval.

Small and larger building typologies and architectural concepts will alternate here, offering space for companies of different sizes. The area was designed jointly by all the building clients to keep the ensemble together and provide the perfect setting for the expressive architecture of the individual buildings. Private terraces in front of the building, benches, a wide flight of steps and green islands are intended to create an attractive and inviting meeting place in the quarter.

The Esplanade project not only offers its building clients tremendous potential for their own ideas, but thanks to its special location and unique appeal is also an extremely appealing address with plenty of opportunities for expansion.

There are some very special highlights on the northern and southern outskirts of the Esplanade. To the north there is space for an architectural jewel with a gross floor area of up to 14,000 m² in an excellent position and with superb visibility. A double tower with up to 12 storeys is planned to the south with residential units on the top floors offering unique views of the green hilly landscape.

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